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The World's Hidden Enemy: China's Virus(es) & the Left

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

In the words of Pat Condell himself, as long as China is governed by the communist regime, the world should never, ever trust or respect China ever again! The same goes for democrats and their mob.

I'm sure by now, every human on earth has heard about the China Virus also known as Coronavirus, COVID-19, Wuhan Virus and Chinese Virus. Whatever you decide to call or label it many humans are sheltering in place due to fear of another horrible virus that has been unleashed upon the world. We're not told much about this virus. The fake news is more concerned with continuing their agenda by labeling President Trump as a racist than actually doing their jobs reporting facts. This isn't something new. They've been attempting to manipulate the world by colluding with democrats on resisting the presidency of Donald Trump with their relentless attacks, false claims and slander of President Trump and his supporters in which most (if not all) have been confirmed to be intended false, hoaxes and/or manufactured. Hopefully, by now most Americans are wide awake knowing that democrats and their mob that includes liberal media are truly the enemy of the people.

Now, how did we get to this point in America and in the world? Let's gather these very important facts. President Donald J. Trump has been exposing democrats, liberal media, China and Iran before he took office and let's be honest, since he's been in office he has been successful in many attempts exposing them all. Democrats vowed to resist. China promised to retaliate. Iran promised death to America (as always). And the fake news liberal media have been caught delivering fake news against the President of the United States, Republicans and their supporters. Democrats and their mob have a common goal which is the same as communist China, Iran and liberal media: Fear and Control

Historically, democrats have use fear as a weapon to form the masses of their base. How do they accomplish their goal? Keeping their governed states uneducated which ultimately keeps their base dependent on their government. Dependency is required to achieve their goal. Democrats then utilize all resources, liberal media, schools, college campuses, big tech and Hollywood to invoke their plans.

So, what does any of this have to do with what's going on today? Plenty.

Democrats have attempted to mislead, misguide and manipulate America into hating their enemy, Donald J. Trump. They manufactured many hoaxes against the President of the United States, targeted his supporters including the military and law enforcement. They colluded with all their sources (above) to unleash mass hatred and division in America. In January 2020, their plans backfired. Instead of impeaching President Trump, they exposed themselves -- all of them. Most of America no longer trusts democrats, the media, schools, big tech and Hollywood. So what could they possibly do now? How corrupt could these groups get to stay in power? They vowed to resist and stop President Trump. Why? Because they feared he would expose them all. They feared he would succeed. They feared his presidency would gain Republican seats. Their common goals of fear and control backfired. They are the ones now in fear and have lost control. Now what? What could they target now? The economy.

Trump's greatest achievement as President (besides exposing the left) is the historically greatest economy in U.S. history. Democrats, China, Iran and the media know that a crumbling economy could end Trump. So how could they accomplish this? Historically, unleashed viruses that originated in China helps cause mass hysteria, epidemics and pandemics. China knows many people would visit their country during the Chinese New Year to celebrate. China knows that many people fly back out to their respective countries after celebrating in China. A Harvard professor and many Chinese have been arrested in America for their ties to China, which in some cases, have resulted in violations of U.S. law, such as espionage, theft of trade secrets, and grant fraud. All knew that an unleashed deadly virus would sink the globes economy, including America's. A great opportunity for democrats to use this hysteria to regain their power and votes by their great weapon of mass destruction - fear.

So what's next? Now that the world is on a global lock down and people, including brave Americans, are fearing a deadly virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC have just the solution - another VACCINE. The world's savior. But how much will this vaccine cost the world and where will the ingredients come from? Another vaccine would cost billions, if not trillions of dollars and most ingredients would most likely come from the place of the Coronavirus origin - CHINA. Hence, China, WHO, CDC, leftist media and democrats benefit deeply with COVID-19.

China is responsible for every death around the globe for covering up and lying about their virus that's infecting the globe. The media is responsible for misleading, misguiding and reporting fake news around the globe. WHO & CDC are responsible for misguiding America by their hidden agenda to make and keep America sick and dependent on China. Democrats are responsible for colluding with them all and for holding America hostage by invoking fear, division and hatred.

Now, while the world is on lock down from Coronavirus which reportedly has approximately a 3% mortality rate -- another virus originating from CHINA has been released with a mortality rate of 38% -- HANTAVIRUS.

God bless and protect America.

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