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Free Speech Starts Here

FACT: The U.S. Constitution, as the "Supreme Law of OUR Land" supersedes ANY and ALL conflicting state laws, CDC policies/recommendations, and federal mandates that do NOT align with the Constitution.

It's no secret, our First Amendment rights are under attack. Many conservatives, including President Trump warned all Americans. Listen carefully, if could censor and do what they did to the President of the United States [Trump] - NO ONE IS SAFE!

Currently, every conservative is being labeled a, "terrorist" by communists in America working on behalf of the CCP (China Communist Party). Intelligent Americans with common sense comprehend the reasonings behind such false labeling. Remember when they targeted President Trump with the Russian Hoax and the Ukraine Hoax? Remember when they put a target on law enforcement officers with the Racist Hoax? They are now labeling conservatives, especially those who supported President Trump, "terrorists" because of the unfortunate incident that occurred at the Capitol (which, by the way, was recently discovered registered democrats were in the frontlines of that crowd breaking into the Capitol).

So who are conservatives? They are diverse Patriotic Americans who refuse to submit to the radical ideologies of the communist left. They refuse to be told how to think, what to say, what to be, and how to act. They are Patriots who love their country, their families, their freedom and Jesus.

Why is the left threatened by constatives? Conservatives have known the truth about the communist democrat party for quiet some time and have been exposing their corruption in America. This is why they are being censored, blacklisted and labeled.

So what is their [communists] long-term goal? Think about the Nazi's for a brief moment and remember how their horrific agenda began, how the people willfully obeyed, and how that all lead to the horrific battles for life and the executions of millions of Jews - all for the protection of greed, power and hate.

Americans MUST marinate on that one question.

Once you surrender your first Amendment rights, they come after the 2nd.

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