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Anti-American Big Tech: The Enemy of Freedom

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

"They got us to drink at the well and now they've poisoned the well." Listen to the wise words of Pat Condell who alarmed the world in 2018. Then ask yourselves what has changed since?

TRIGGER WARNING: The views on this blog are NOT censored. If you can't handle the truth or views of others, reading this blog may cause you to get triggered. If you are easily triggered, do not read this blog! Immediately exit! 

So, what has changed since 2018? If you're a conservative, you know much has changed as you've probably fell a victim to big tech's censorship more than once. Your voice, your opinions, your beliefs, your experiences - SILENCED by big tech. You're either restricted, blocked or banned at this very moment or your page(s) have been flagged and views to your page have been limited (especially if you have a significant number in followers). If you're a liberal, you've been busy suppressing/oppressing free speech by reporting pages. Not much has changed for you as you've become everything that you claim you "oppose." You've become exactly what the left has intended to mold; an uneducated anti-American Nazi.

As most of our followers know, we are currently blocked on Facebook and have been banned from Twitter and Instagram. We don't even attempt to post on YouTube because they're known for removing many conservative voices. Facebook has blocked us several times for their definition of "Hate Speech" and for "False Information" checked by their unknown fact-checkers. They provide little or no information as to why they're restricting, blocking or banning you and no opportunity to object or request a review. What they deem hateful or false is what they deem hateful or false. No jury required in communist's agenda. They hold all power. One thing conservatives have commonly noticed on Facebook is that censorship, restrictions, blocking and banning occur right before an election.

I have been closely monitoring the actions, and lack of, from the party I strongly support - The REPUBLICANS. The party's foundation was created and built upon one word - FREEDOM. However, Republicans, including the President of the United States have made little or no attempts to tackle liberal indoctrination, suppression and oppression of conservative voices. Conservatives, including myself, have literally been physically and verbally attacked for simply wearing a MAGA HAT and/or for supporting President Donald Trump for 3 long years. What have Republicans done to protect their supporters? If the shoe were on the other foot, the democrats and the ACLU would probably be all over conservatives like white on rice for their fellow liberal radicals. Republican President, Representatives, Senators, Attorneys? SILENT.

I know there are more important things happening in America right now, and maybe last year too and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that!

Hence, conservatives freedoms have been choked out by the radical left with absolutely no backup from the party we strongly support and vote for to KEEP AMERICA GREAT & FREE. America will never be great if Americans are ENSLAVED by FORCED SUBMISSION. Our freedoms MUST ALWAYS be protected. The left has been perverting our Constitution, chipping at our rights little by little. Maybe, just maybe, President Trump can assign a TASK FORCE of Conservative attorneys to battle big tech in America so all Americans are protected from big tech censorship, blocking and banning and finally holding big tech accountable for irresponsibly silencing FREE Americans before it's too late!

Historically, Christian Conservative Americans fought for freedom - and WON! Good always prevails. Not just in movies; but in reality. The question now is will America continue to fight or remain silent? That's a question YOU must answer yourself.

Remember, silence is consent.

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