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Americans need to unite against everything wrong in America, particularly abortions, illegal immigration, forced immunizations, forced healthcare, liberal indoctrination in public schools and media, and especially protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution.



American education should be successfully designed to educate American students first. Currently, common core is fundamentally negatively effecting American children, as it is designed to fail approximately 75% of students. American history is being manufactured, deleted and/or censored by the left - on purpose. We must protect American history for future generations to come. We must remove politically motivated education by ceasing liberal indoctrination in schools. Conservatives MUST focus their attention on getting on school boards, in parent support groups, in the education system if we desire to Make America Great Again!


This topic should be of the utmost importance to us, as our children are our future, and nothing is more valuable than their precious lives. Why haven't we focused on securing our schools with armed officers? We secure celebrities, politicians and banks with armed security. Aren't our children just as important? Conservative parents, this is where you come in. Be a loud voice for our children.


No American should be forced to have, pay for their own or anyone else's (especially illegal immigrants) healthcare. Furthermore, no American should be financially penalized for not having health insurance. Like vaccines, Americans should have the right to choose between having health insurance or not. It is our body, should be our choice.


This is a sensitive subject for many. When did America become so evil as to kill children and normalize it as if it is something to be proud of? Americans are defenders of innocent lives - we should not be baby killers. Abortion is just a politically correct word for "butchering" innocent babies for whatever reason a mother deems regardless of morals or value of life. There's a simple solution to 98% of unwanted pregnancies - don't have unprotected sex or don't have sex at all. There are many products that you can purchase over the counter to protect you from not only an unwanted pregnancy; but from sexually transmitted diseases. You'd think with the fear of covid; abortions would have decreased significantly, but they have not. Safe sex versus slaughtering your innocent baby. THINK really hard about doing what's right. We need loud, bold voices for the voiceless. BE THAT VOICE!


Every American should wake up to those liberals who are attempting to pervert our judicial system, laws and our Constitution. Anyone who threatens our peace, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and our Constitution - IS AMERICA(NS) ENEMY.


The radical left comes out every 4 years to destroy America and suppress voters before the election working diligently to attack innocent Americans, especially law enforcement officers. As much as most conservatives

honor, solute, protect and defend those who did the same for our beloved country, including law enforcement officers. We are seeing a growing amount of traitors in the the police department, military and first responders. Never our lives or the history of America have we seen them literally "bow" to terrorists and "stand down" to protect those they took an oath to serve and protect and serve and protect terrorists terrorizing innocent citizens, burning property, and looting businesses. To be 100% clear, we honor, solute, defend those who have served our great nation with honor and pride, but we turn our backs on those who turned theirs on us. There's corruption in all levels of America. #DrainTheSwamp includes those who do not honor their oaths; God bless and protect those who refuse to submit and resist the evil plans of the radical left. Their plan should be clearly obvious by now. Their defund the police movement is part of the plan to remove good officers and soldiers and replace them with radicals - gestapos. 

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