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Already being abused, Red Flag Laws will undoubtedly violate all legal, law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment right, the 4th Amendment rights AND Due process. Politicians are proposing that anyone could claim that you are crazy or a threat to society. In such cases, law enforcement would be required to seize your weapons without due process. Subsequent to unlawful search & seizures, a judge (quite possibly an Obama appointed liberal anti-gun judge) would determine if you are guilty of the "crazy" allegations. If that biased judge deems you are crazy, you will not be permitted to get your guns back. If by chance, the judge deems you are not "crazy" you would get your gun(s) back. Hopefully, you don't need them to protect you and your loved ones before then.


If President Trump supports Red Flag Laws, he would be the Republican president that did more on gun control than Barack Obama.

Red Flag Laws =
Gun Control

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Red Flag Laws are already proving to be abused by the radical left. With over 80% of liberal attorneys, Obama appointed judges, and indoctrinated physicians, conservative law abiding Americans are at risk of their rights being legally violated.

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Do You Remember the Rosewood Riot of 1923?

It was a race riot that flared for several days in January 1923 in the predominantly African American community of Rosewood, Florida. An unknown number of the town’s black residents were killed, and virtually every building was burned to the ground by white mobs.

On January 4, 1923, sparked by the claim, by a white woman that a black man (whom she referred to as a ni**er) had attacked and assaulted her, dozens of armed whites, including a group of about 500 Ku Klux Klan members (democrats) who were in Gainesville for a rally, descended on Rosewood, terrorizing the community, shooting several residents, and burning buildings. Fearing for their lives, some Rosewood residents hid in the nearby swamps while others sought refuge in the home of John Wright, a local white businessman. Most Rosewood residents refused to fight the vigilantes, fearing the repercussions that were sure to follow, but Sylvester Carrier took up arms against the mob.

Carrier was killed in a shootout, but not before killing two whites, and word of that act quickly spread to surrounding communities. Hundreds of whites joined the mob already in Rosewood, and acts of systematic violence against blacks continued until January 8. By the time the mob had dispersed, the town had been almost totally destroyed, with businesses, churches, and homes in ruins or burned to the ground.

Turns out, the claims of that white woman was a manufactured story to cover-up her affair with a white man who beat her -- Something tells me she was a democrat.

Like it or not, this is why we MUST preserve, protect & defend the U.S. CONSTITUTION - because you can't trust democrats.

The Party of Slavery is Now the Party of Reparations?

FACT: The democrat party is the party of slavery. The Republican party is the party of freedom.

Democrats seek to make America pay for their historical racism. Their liberal logic goes something like this: White America is racist if they don't pay for the sins of their great, great, great, great, great, ancestors who were mainly democrats for something they had absolutely nothing to with and for something 0% of black people in America suffer from.

America should be taught the sins of the democrat party, especially their legacy of racism & slavery. Instead, democrats want their history erased or deleted AND statues removed so to not remind America of the truth. Let's not forget how they are now indoctrinating America to believe that, without any evidence, the parties switched blaming their sins on Republicans.

FACT: The parties NEVER switched.

Hence, if the democrat party feels guilty for their sins and wants to pay reparations - THE DEMOCRAT  PARTY SHOULD PAT BLACK & WHITE AMERICANS.

It's past time America abandons the party of slavery - FOR GOOD.

Is Abortion another word for the legal killing of the most innocent American human being?

In a nutshell, YES!

When a mother is pregnant, how would society judge her for smoking, doing drugs or drinking alcohol? Any sane human would view her as a horrible person, putting her unborn child's health at risk.

So why do we turn the other way when she holds her baby hostage to a decision, with the help of planned parenthood, to butcher her baby to death?

Democrats, the party of attorney's, who get billions from the "non-profit organization" planned parenthood, big pharma and 98% of attorneys during election season must be under obligation to push abortions.

In the last three years, democrats have been exposing themselves as the party of slavery, killing babies, loving criminals, sympathizing with terrorists, supporting communism, manufacturing hoaxes and getting liberal media to spread them like wildfire.

You'd think American's would get a clue that the democrats are America's enemy. Sadly, American youth are targeted by the left. They've been indoctrinated to believe that tortuously killing an innocent human being is - a Constitutional right. Even though there's no such thing.

Look at your loved ones. Now ask yourself, do I truly support planned parenthood tortuously butchering them to pieces and harvesting their body parts -- for PROFIT?

How "humane" is that?

Another Democrat Debate

These democrats did not represent America or Americans in any of their previous debates, this one was no different.

Democrats are promoting and selling SOCIALISM. Their calls to take away America's rights with their plans to pervert the U.S. Constitution (by threatening the Supreme Court), while protecting illegals, higher taxes, forced healthcare for all including illegals, reducing military funding and abolishing ICE, and of course it wouldn't be a democrat event if the didn't attack the current president of the United States.

Of course, not one question about the economy, abortions, illegals crime and their financial impact on Americans, antifa and their domestic violence against conservative Americans, etc.

Remember America, socialism is always a step before COMMUNISM.

I pray that America sees right through the corruption of the democrat party.

Another Impeachment Attempt

Russia Collusion. Ukraine Collusion. Quid Pro Quo. Espionage. Bribery.

Still not ONE witness of any crimes against the current sitting Republican President of the United States of America.

Let's examine the represn

Remember America, socialism is always a step before COMMUNISM.

I pray that America sees right through the corruption of the democrat party.

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