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About Our Mission

#SaveOurRepublic #SaveOurFreedom #FreedomFirst #AmericaFirst #SaveOurChildren #SaveAmerica

An anti-American Movement is brewing. The leftist mob, including the media, education system, Hollywood, hate groups, and big tech will stop at NOTHING to oppress, suppress, and force Americans to submit to their evil culture.

The only way we can succeed, is through UNITY. We must unite, stand firm, and stand against everything and everyone who threatens our freedoms.

I don't want to imagine where America will be in five years if we don't UNITE and FIGHT for FREEDOMS.

Our mission should be EVERY American's mission:

TO STAY FREE MEN & WOMEN in a REPUBLICAN government, one nation under GOD.

It's what our forefathers desired. So should we.

FREEDOM FOUNDATION is established by an all-American patriot who desires to keep our freedoms out of the hands and power of those that seek to destroy our nation. This isn't about just supporting any politicians; this is about being a patriot and fighting for our God-given rights.


Silence is consent. Will you #RiseUp and fight for your freedom, for your children, grandchildren and their children?


Our freedoms cost too much to relinquish it.

Freedom Foundation and our country's freedoms depend on your support - literally. 

If you're a conservative attorney, teacher, politician, firearms and/or safety instructor, NRA member, mother, father, etc. WE WANT YOU TO JOIN OUR FIGHT! 


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Don't forget to check your voter registration status. If you want to Save America - Vote Republican.


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